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The West Canada Creek Association has been engaged in another project along with the wall repair. We are adding a new Surveillance System. This is an expense we were hoping to avoid but, none the less proved necessary. Warnings have been posted on our Facebook page and our webpage concerning damage on the firing ranges, especially the the rifle/shotgun range.

We have been monitoring activity on the ranges for some time and didn’t notice any reduction in damage concerning the target frames. It’s not only the target frames, signs have been shot up. Yes, we know there will be an occasional round that goes off target, an unintended hit to a target frame but, this goes far and above of an occasional misplaced shot. These are intentional
targeted hits to the target frames. It cost money to keep going back and repairing these frames or replacing signage.

We have made the investment into the purchase of a surveillance system. Believe me, this is not the garden variety surveillance system that you can purchase at Harbor Freight. This system was laid out by a contractor that does military work around the country and is also completing the installation.

With this system in place we will be able to monitor shooters on the ranges, with date and time stamps. When we are 100% certain we have identified the individual responsible for intentionally targeting target frames your membership will be permanently suspended with no refund, charges will be placed against you and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

West Canada Creek Association works very hard to provide an enjoyable experience when you are using the facility. You pay an annual membership fee that gives you the privilege to use the facility in a respectful manner. Any purposeful damage to equipment or misconduct when on WCCA property is a clear indication that you have no respect for other members or the WCCA organization as a whole.

If you witness an individual/individuals inflicting damage to WCCA property we urge you to contact a WCCA board officer. Your identity will never be compromised.

Dibbles Inn

25 Bridge St, Middleville, NY 13406Cross Streets: Near the intersection of Bridge St and Kanata St

(315) 891-7789

Neil Schuyler Memorial Trap Shoot

NOTICE TO ALL. There will be a wedding reception held at the West Canada Creek Association club house on Sat August 18, 2018. All firing ranges will be closed down for the day. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated on this special day. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! If you have any questions contact one of the club officers.

State Police Press Release: Pistol/Revolver Recertification

03 January 2017

State Police announce pistol/revolver license recertification process
George P. Beach II
Beau Duffy
Director of Public Information 
(518) 457-2180

The New York State Police today announced that individuals who hold a Pistol/Revolver License can now re-certify their license as required under state law. The State Police have created an easy online process that will allow licensees to quickly complete their re-certification by visiting

There is no cost for re-certification, and licensees who do not wish to use the online process can download a form from the website, and paper forms will also be available at any State Police station.

Recent changes to New York State Penal Law require license holders to re-certify every five years. Individuals who were issued a Pistol /Revolver License before January 15, 2013, must re-certify by January 31, 2018.  The deadline to re-certify for those issued a license on or after January 15, 2013, is five years from the date the license was issued.  
 Failure to re-certify will serve as a basis for revocation of the license.

As part of the recertification process, licensees must affirm that they are not prohibited from possessing firearms under state and federal law, and must also confirm certain personal information, as well as provide details about the pistols and/or revolvers they own.

Pistol/Revolver License holders who live in New York City, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties are not required to recertify through this process. Each of these municipalities already requires license holders to renew or recertify their license on a periodic basis.

G&S Auto

127 W Main St Frankfort, NY 13340.



West Canada Creek Association will host The Neil Schuyler Memorial Trap Shoot at the club on Oct 7, 2018 starting at 9:00 A.M.  Please check back for more information, contact one of the club officers or  Shep Hull  315-891-3202

*** 2018  Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt    2018 ***

Annual Pheasant Hunt for 2018 will be held on September 29th and 30th.  The event will be held at Hank Crofoot's.  For more information and application contact :

Stan Grose 315-895-5643 Home
                    315-269-4215 Cell

West Canada Creek Assn, Inc.
P.O. Box 200
Newport, New York 13416

Robert Grose President

John Booth Vice President

Grant Loucks Secretary,

Shepard Hull, Treasurer
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Hello fellow members.  Once again the year has flown by. I must thank each and every one of you for  your continued membership.  Without you there would be no club.  I need to thank Shep Hull. John Booth and Grant Loucks for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.  Grant had an accident while he and his brother in-law  were working on the clubhouse.  While he was not seriously injured, it did keep him from mowing for awhile.  That just made us appreciate what he does for the club all the more.  

We have  accomplished much this year.  Our foundation on the trap field side of the club house has been repaired.  I want to thank all that were involved in making it happen.  Mr. Glen Stevener let us use his backhoe for very little money.   Our fellow member Joe Denardo rented us a small track hoe and our Amish friends along with John Booth did a great job.  It seems like it took all summer to get finished.  We need to move a few rocks, put down some top soil and grass seed in the spring.  At the time I write this the cost to complete this project is $4,700 with the bulk of the expense being materials.  The doors on both sides of the clubhouse need to be replaced.  I  hope to have this completed this coming summer (2017).  It seems to be a never ending job.

We need to thank Mr. Tim Dillon for putting the sediment catchments and piping into the pond.  It works well when there is water flowing into the pond, just one more thing we need to work on.  We need help in regards to grounds work , so if you have some extra time would we certainly appreciate it. Please let me know.

We had a successful youth pheasant hunt again this year.  Thanks to Hank Crofoot for use of his property again this year.  A big thanks  to Stan Grose for his dedicated efforts to make the pheasant hunt a great experience for those who participated.  If you have not attended one of the hunts you should come.  It is fun watching the young hunters, dogs, dog handlers and parents.  There were a great many surviving pheasants.  We had some successful hunters too.  The Top Gun award  was present to Chad Brewer this year.  If you have a youngster or know of one that is a least 12 years old, has a current small game license and interested in the youth hunt please get in touch with us.  Please do not wait until the last minute, that just complicates the process.

The club has reached out to the Boy Scouts and have offered them the use of the grounds and buildings as they have lost Camp Russell.   They do not have a place to shoot or do other things that is close by.  We need an archery range and Mr. Dave Roberts, who works with the scouts, said he would work with us to get this accomplished.

We again placed fishing poles in  area libraries this year.  We have had many compliments for doing this and hope to do it again this spring.

The big buck contest was taken by Scott Crossett again this year with a 9 point 210 pound buck, with second place be taken by Stan Grose with a 110 pound spike buck.   We had several other calls with nice deer taken by members but they were not big enough to take the largest or too big to win the smallest award.  We hope all you had a great season.

We will be running the raffle again this year.  Thanks to all who participated in the last one.  We paid out $650.00 last year.   That seems to be the average from year to year.  Once again buy tickets if you want, sell them or send them back.  Whatever your choice, your participation is greatly appreciated.

Please note that the target holders are being shop up.  
PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!    If you use the range and have a semi auto, do not shoot more than 10 rounds with out stopping.   Sound travels and there have  been some comments about too many shots being fired  in succession.  While I am not going to police the range for that, please do not give anyone else the reason to.  Also, please remove your targets when you are finished .  They blow off and leave a mess on the range.   Pick up after yourself, it is your club let’s keep it clean.

Our stream retaining upper wall has failed.  The creek has worked it’s way behind the upstream stone and several of the stones have collapsed into the creek.  If there is anything left in the spring we will be lucky.  I do not know how this is going to be fixed as it needs some major work.

We hope to have our camera system up and running in the spring.   Please note,
THERE WILL BE CAMERAS ON THE RIFLE RANGE AND PISTOL RANGE.  They are not there to do anything other than monitor the usage and watch for those who can’t seem to obey the rules.   We will take appropriate action against those who willfully damage club equipment.  Please, if you see anyone violating the rules of both ranges contact  one of the officers ASAP.   If you are not comfortable confronting them get a license plate number and description of the person or persons.    Yes, rifle bullets will shoot through the steel and if you can not put two bullets through one hole in the paper target, you can not shoot through one of the holes in the steel.

Please patronize the businesses  listed on our website (, that help support the club.  I would personally like to thank them for their support.


Robert Grose

A special thanks to Bass Pro Shops  for their support with fishing tackle.  Their donation enables us to place fishing poles in local  libraries  (Dolgeville, SalisburyCenter).  With that, a kid can check out a fishing pole from the library and enjoy a day of fishing.  This is what the W.C.C.A is all about, introducing the next generation  of  sportsmen and sportswomen to  outdoor sports.

      WCCA Corporate Membership

The WCCA  is now offering Corporate Membership's.   Please contact one of the club officers for complete information.

West Canada Creek Association

We urge you to support the following businesses when possible as they have been more than gracious to the W.C.C.A .

                           Fishing Poles-Fishing Poles -Fishing Poles-Fishing Poles

Bored, nothing to do???, check this out!!  Thanks to the efforts of Bob Grose, our club president you can go to your library in  Middleville, Salisbury Center,  and Dolgeville and sign out a fishing pole for the day.   It may  not be is as flashy as a video game or capable of connecting to your friends but, you’ll be able to connect with nature and the outdoors.  So hop on your bike and give it a try, what do you have to lose.  

You can now purchase your membership to the W.C.C.A at the following locations.

2nd Amendment Arms

234 Burrell Road Little Falls